Mercedes Benz F 125

Concept called F125 uses a hydrogen fuel cell drive train that produces more power than its gasoline powered counterparts of this era. The F125 concept is seen as the future Mercedes-Benz S-Class and this could be the car on which the next generation models of the limousine could be based on. The new technology still has to prove itself before Mercedes-Benz starts offering future luxury cars with a zero-emissions drivetrain.

A bodyshell of innovative, lightweight hybrid construction wîth a high proportion of fibre-reinforced plastics and an intelligent mix of carbon-fibre, aluminium and high-strength steels, which allows a significant weight reduction while offering a further considerable improvement in safety. A high-strength construction wîth crash-responsive protective systems within the doors allows the omission of B-pillars, as well as the use of wide gull-wing doors which allow convenient access to the four seats. In this way the Mercedes-Benz safety philosophy and in particular the decisive principle of the rigid passenger cell developed by Béla Barényi in 1952 are being concertedly taken forward for the future of individual mobility

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