2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept

From a power train perspective, Honda’s playing a bit of catch-up to the industry. Like many of its competitors, the next Accord will finally boast a direct-injection four-cylinder- in this case, a 2.4-liter I-4 from Honda’s new “Earth Dreams” power train portfolio. This engine can be mated with either a five-speed manual or a new CVT. Honda’s 3.5-liter V-6 will also return, albeit in a slightly modified form that should yield a bit more power.

Honda’s also already playing up the tech angle, noting the next Accord will offer its new multi-angle rear-view camera, lane departure warning, and forward collision avoidance systems. All models will receive a conventional rear-view camera, Bluetooth phone connectivity, a SMS text messaging function, and Pandora internet radio compatibility as standard equipment.
The new Accord will also be the first to offer Honda’s new LaneWatch blind-spot detection system, which uses a camera mounted on the lower corner of the passenger-side rear-view mirror, and is tied to a display embedded in the mirror itself.

How much, how soon? The production version of the almost-there concept is expected to arrive in showrooms this fall, at a price in line with the Accord’s current range of $22,000 to $32,000, though the plug-in’s pricing is a wild card.

How’s it look? A curving roofline extends nearly to the end of the rear deck. A side line begins at the front wheel well and races up toward the tail. The headlights and parking lights are elaborately bejeweled and would be unlikely candidates for production. Over all, this is a trim and stylish coupe, if not a bona fide head-turner.

The more exciting news is the return of the Accord hybrid, which will be powered by a new two-motor plug-in hybrid system. In all-electric mode it will have a range of 10-15 miles and a top speed of 62 mph. It will take less than four hours to recharge using a 120-volt outlet or less than 1.5 hours with a 240-volt charger. In gasoline-electric mode the Accord hybrid uses a 2.0L Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine paried with an electric continuously variable transmission.
For more efficient high-speed cruising, the Accord Plug-In Hybrid can engage in a direct-drive mode.
The Accord plug-in hybrid will launch next winter.

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