Ronn Unveils Hybrid Supercar - Runs On Water Car Modle

The new car, now in per-production, is called the “Scorpion,” and the Company plans for it to be available to consumers this fall. The hydrogen delivery system with dual computer processor controls produces hydrogen on demand, and in real time, which will be inducted through the air intake manifold and blended with gasoline at a ratio of 30-40 percent hydrogen, according to Maxwell. The fuel for this system is derived from fracturing water molecules drawn from a small on board water tank, and will not require a high pressure, on board hydrogen storage tank or hydrogen fueling station.

A storage tank would instead be filled with water; electric current from the car’s alternator would then pass through it, separating the hydrogen molecules from the oxygen. The hydrogen molecules combined with gasoline could power the car for 40 miles per gallon.

Texas-based Ronn Motors are out to spoil their customers and that too in some style. But just to make sure their horsepower-happy cars don’t leave a bad fume in the faces of fellow planet dwellers, the firm’s brand new Eco-luxe-initiative, the Scorpion, hopes to deliver the best clean, green fun to eco-conscious car lovers too. Running on a 3.5-liter, six-cylinder engine VTEC from Acura, the Scorpion also features two turbos and an inter cooler under the hood that takes it from 280 hp to 450 hp. The hydrogen fulled engine connected to an on-demand hydrogen system that breaks down water molecules and holds them in a non-pressurized tank which eliminates the need for a hydrogen refueling station. Between 30 and 40 percent hydrogen gets mixed with the gasoline allowing the Scorpion can do 40 mpg.

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