Gold Rolls Royce Phantom

Giving the Midas touch to high-priced cars is an entirely different domain, and affluent people who like to pimp their luxury sedans with gold and gem stones keep hitting the headlines. Helping him show his opulence on the roads, another car collector from the UK has done a paint job to his Rolls Royce Phantom by covering its outer surface with a gold-plated sheet. The four lucky wheels also receive a little Midas touch. The gold-plated Rolls Royce spotted somewhere on the UK roads is said to be the only eternal piece of art in the world that would certainly be a valuable addition to the bling-bling vehicles top list. However, there isn’t any factual information about how much money was spent on the car to give it a classy appeal. What we know is it adds an immeasurable value to the owner’s garage.

When a Rolls Royce isn’t enough to display wealth,
people may decide to go for a blasphemous modification, or as in this case, an ugly paint job. A certain someone with a Phantom in the garage and money to launder, decided to give the car a gold paint sweeping all over the car, from hood to boot. A plain Rolls Royce looks much more dignified and decent. As for this one, it’s vulgar.

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