1956 Cadillac Firemaker Custom

Open the vault like doors and you find a leather wrapped dash with a custom punched and flared purple insert and speedo cluster liberated from a 1960 Cadillac. A modified 1960 Cadillac steering wheel proudly sits atop an Ididit column. A center console features the bullet housing with integrated gauges from Classic Instruments. Stitched together the leather hides to match the designer’s vision while encompassing the MTX sound system.

To help achieve the right stance, the car was dropped to the ground using Air Ride Technologies Shock Waves. Another distinctive feature is the two different styles of rims and rubber. One side features BF Goodrich wide whites with 15” Astro Supremes, while the other sports Goodyear F1’s around a custom designed 18” Billet Specialties wheel. The two looks are very polarizing while attracting compliments from two different crowds. The car rides and drives like a dream which is important to Pfaff since he has logged over 85,000 miles himself behind the wheel. To say he enjoys driving this car is an understatement.

At the rear of this tour de force lies the reason for the car’s name: Just take a look at the exhaust and you will see that Murray is serious about his flames. The two-stage fuel injection system shoots fire more than 20 feet rearward! Pfaff often leaves two scorched trails behind him as his calling card. Whatever you do, don’t tailgate this big, bad Cadillac, as there’s a good chance you’re gonna’ get burned by the FireMaker.

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