Maybach 57S by Knight Luxury 2014

Even thought Daimler decided to drop the unsuccessful Maybach brand, tuners still show interest in the luxury limousine. Florida-based tuner Knight Luxury came up with a very cool "Sir Maybach 57S " tuning kit that shows that even now, the 57S still has strong potential.
As expected, the tuner decided to update the exterior and the interior look of the limousine, but it also made some important changes under the hood. This is where the tuner installed a four-pipe sports exhaust system with valve control and Rennkats that increases the final output up to 712 horsepower — an healthy increase over the 543 horsepower found in the standard model.

However, rare is the case that the automotive aftermarket as a whole has been intimidated by a vehicle that saw limited showroom success. No, late model Maybachs will never enjoy the same kind of popularity as, say, an E46 M3 or a Mustang, but you will see one treated to a cosmetic and/or mechanical makeover every now and then. Today, it’s the turn of Knight Luxury.

Even the door knobs received screen-printed logos, while the full interior is trimmed in a sleek combination of black and red.

The car rides on 24-inch wheels with the same carbon-finish treatment and black powder wrapped in Pirelli tires sized 285/30R24. White brake calipers contrast the wheels nicely and an electronic level control drops the model closer to the ground

Knight installed an Apple entertainment system that includes an Apple TV module and two iPads sith Apple keyboard in the rear of the car

And speaking of more potent, the same can be said of the engine. Thanks to a performance exhaust system (complete with high-flow catalytic converters), the AMG-built 6.0L twin-turbo V12 now makes a claimed 712 horsepower, or about 100 more than a stock 57S. While no exact performance figures are being quoted, you can bet that this particular Maybach 57S performs even more like a private jet for the ground.

What’s more, it’s priced like you’d think a private jet for the ground would be. Knight Luxury isn’t giving an exact price, but says you’ll be giving them about $1 million if you want them to duplicate this dread naught for your fleet. Presumably that does not include the cost of a donor 57S, so factor that in when figuring out how many billions of couch cushions you’ll need to look beneath for loose change.

Maybach 57 Knight Luxury
5.5 V12 550 ch • 49 CV
5,70 x 1,98 x 1,58 m • 2210 kg
250 km/h
15,9 L/100 km • 383 g/km

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